viernes, 26 de agosto de 2011


Simple words are useful to describe a situation in which the reality becomes absurd. The question is not whether the world will continue to rotate or not, because all we know that it will stop at a determined moment. However, what is important to demonstrate is that there certain moments in life when the expectations turn out to be unfunded and the fantasy sublimates the reality.

Nevertheless, the moon continues to be mysterious and outspoken. I see it every night, even when the sky is clouded, and I notice that it remains distant and sad. I would like to ask her if there is any thing I could do to help her, but she always responds that her only desire is to rotate.

Then, I realized that the world does not rotate by its own merit, but because of the power that thousands of millions ago took without permission from the moon. That's the reason that explains the role of the moon and its curiosity when the heart of a lover finds no boundaries in his unpredictable road toward his soul mate.

Unfortunately, she decided to take another way. Now, he is a million of light years far from home.