jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011


This week I confirmed that I am a city man. From time to time I have been thinking that the quiet and peaceful country was the place for me. However, now I am sure that there is nothing like the city.

Walking between huge buildings, conquering every corner and being able to get into any cafeteria or restaurant I want are experiences that only the urbanity can provide. Seeing suit-dressed busy people walking fast down the streets is absolutely more familiar to me than relaxed pedestrians jogging during business hours throughout the fields.

Fortunately, one of the most cosmopolitan an worldwide known cities is just "around the corner", at only a comfortable 30-minute-subway journey. So, I will undoubtedly spend a large amount of my time in the big city, my real place.

domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

MY FIRST HURRICANE... and hopefully the last je je

In my country I have directly experienced a great deal of earthquakes, a couple of volcano eruptions, a lot of floods and several powerful storms. However, I never realized myself living a unexpected earthquake and a strong and destructive hurricane in a foreign country in the same week. Well, as some people have told me: lifelong experiences.

Fortunately, this hurricane was by far not a so huge or mortal storm as Katrina, but at a certain moment it was a little bit frightening. Experiencing a really windy night is not a recommendable quest, and even more when electricity is paradoxically the most reminded memory from a developing country.

Adapting to a very different culture can be tough, but for someone who comes from the Pacific Ring of Fire being welcomed by earthquakes and hurricanes undoubtedly facilitates the integration.